Bloomberg Throwing Down

Mayor Bloomberg is indicating he’s going to dump some of his personal fortune into the anti-gun effort.

“You know, the NRA doesn’t spend that much money,’’ said Bloomberg during an appearance on NBC’s “Meet the Press’’ program yesterday. “If you want to beat the NRA you have to go out and get your message out, and it costs money to do that.”

If he wants a fight, we should give him a fight.  He’s dumped 2.9 million into Mayors Against Illegal Guns so far.  There are 450 mayors on that list, and not all of them are in large cities which would be safe from our political power.  I think if he wants a real fight we should give it to him.  Those of us who are in smaller cities and smaller towns, if you have a mayor on that list, let’s get rid of him.  Doesn’t matter if you use the gun issue or not, but we can impact a local election a lot more readily than a national one if we put our minds to it.  The goal would be to make membership in Bloomberg’s organization political suicide for anyone who’s not a big city mayor.

Does Bloomberg really want our grassroots pissed off and fired up about his group of 450 mayors?  I’d start putting pressure on them now.  Between us and the FBI, I think we could cut that number in half, easily.

5 thoughts on “Bloomberg Throwing Down”

  1. Example: the mayor of Carmel, Indiana was a member of MAG. He’s since withdrawn, because (apparently) he realized that “anti-gun groups” and Indiana politics aren’t a good mix.

  2. “Between us and the FBI, I think we could cut that number in half, easily.”

    Okay, that got a pretty good chuckle out of me. Well played!

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