8 thoughts on “Not Inflammatory at All”

  1. They are notoriously extremely far left. In fact, it’s why I so love that paper. That said, when approached reasonably, they are more than willing to engage and debate with the other side. They know how far left they are and usually embrace it. I’ve managed to get fair responses placed in the paper before.

  2. The piece sites killers who were also concealed carry permit holders. Anyone have the statistics for the same time period where concealed carry permit holders prevented or stopped criminal activity? Potentially broken out by severity or crime type? Nothing deflates a leftist balloon like facts, and statistics can be presented from both sides.

  3. Sodini had a carry permit? Hm…looks like comments are disabled for that editorial…don’t have to wonder why.

  4. I love the picture caption:

    “The gun industry and its political handmaidens have used fear and fantasy to promote so-called ‘concealed carry’ laws.”

    What exactly makes up a “so called ‘concealed carry’ law”? I haven’t found many laws that are called concealed carry laws that aren’t actually related to concealed carry. At least when they say things like “so called ‘gun rights'”, it makes sense in the perspective of their twisted view on how the world works.

    I might as well talk about the so-called ‘human beings’ that work for that paper. It makes about as much sense.

  5. The VPC study in question does admit (in the update only) that the data on whether the perpetrator was CC permitted came solely from news reports. The update then bemoans the fact that data on permit holders is not publicly available. They’ve already had to retract one of their incidents (one of the seven) since publishing the report six months ago.

    Six incidents are not data, they’re anecdotes. Furthermore, the sources for the defining characteristic, concealed-carry permit holders, comes from sources that are uninformed and largely ignorant of the particulars around firearms law.

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