My Chicken Killer is Here!

I got a delivery from the Crosman Custom Shop today.  A .22 caliber air pistol, very similar to my 2300S.

Mata Gallina from the Crosman Custom Shop

I put my Millet SP-1 red dot scope on it already. I wish I had a black one, because it would look better, but it was originally on my Ruger Mk.III which is stainless.

Mata Gallina Closeup

And the other great part? Under 160 dollars for the gun. The cost of shooting a .22 is higher than a .177, but it’s still pretty cheap.

14 thoughts on “My Chicken Killer is Here!”

  1. As a matter of curiosity, may I inquire as to the rough cost out the door on something like that? I have a couple of cheapo chinese pellet guns. Every now and then I get to thinking that I should break down and buy one that will put the round in pretty much the same place if I do my part.

  2. Another reason to go update my FOID and put in for more pistol permits. (Though it would seem to me that, since airgun sales are not federally regulated in the same way firearms sales are, I could buy THAT out of state?)

  3. .22 pellets are easier to handle than the smaller .177’s and the holes are easier to see in a paper target. Unless your eyesight and dexterity are improving with age ;) , I’d be happy with the .22.

  4. Ian, no idea where you are but in most states an air pistol is _not_ considered to be a “firearm”. For example, in Washington State an air pistol, as far as I am aware, has exactly the same sales regulations as a water gun. Discharge in city limits is prohibited in a lot of places though.

  5. bob r:

    New Jersey treats air guns the same as firearms. You need a police permit to purchase, and are subject to the licensing requirements. Transport is very restricted. Carrying one in public, generally, is prohibited.

  6. Arguably – AIRSOFT guns are firearms, though no-one seems to enforce that.

    Was listening to a couple of guys in a diner wondering why the kid of a friend nearly got busted riding his bike with his airsoft gun sticking out of his bag…

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