Lack of Prosecution

Son of Liberty makes some very astute commentary about the shooting in Jersey City which has its police chief calling for pump-action shotguns to be classified as assault weapons.

4 Responses to “Lack of Prosecution”

  1. AntiCitizenOne says:

    They’ll come for one “type” of weapon…soon they’ll come for all…

  2. Ian Argent says:

    (Condolences to the family of the slain officer and his wounded comrades; it’s a shame that the bad guys got as much of the cops as they did before being deservedly killed)

    Per NJ 2C:39-1:
    “n.”Shotgun” means any firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder and using the energy of the explosive in a fixed shotgun shell to fire through a smooth bore either a number of ball shots or a single projectile for each pull of the trigger, or any firearm designed to be fired from the shoulder which does not fire fixed ammunition.”

    “w.”Assault firearm” means

    (3)A semi-automatic shotgun with either a magazine capacity exceeding six rounds, a pistol grip, or a folding stock.”

    “x.”Semi-automatic” means a firearm which fires a single projectile for each single pull of the trigger and is self-reloading or automatically chambers a round, cartridge, or bullet.”

    Per the police chief the weapon was “…a pump-action 12-gauge shotgun with a retractable stock and a sling lined with slotted shells…” (NYTimes – NY Region July 16th 2009 ), which, if it had been a semi-auto, makes it legally an assault weapon as NJ considers a folding stock and a retractable stock equivalent.

    Except that the whole fracking point is moot because he was a convicted felon and the instant he touched the thing he broke the law. Weapon was reported stolen in South Carolina in 2007 (another felony by someone, and only stoppable by a complete ban and confiscation).

    NTimes (July 18, 2009 NY/Region – )describes the perp(s) firing on the victims as “When the battering ram hit the door, Chief Nalbach said, “Simultaneously, Hassan opened up with the shotgun with two rapid volleys.”

    And then the stupidity, it burns: “Birdshot from the slugs ripped through the door, the drywall or the hinge area, the chief said.”

    It’s unclear whether the chief himself was responsible for that second statement or how much paraphrasing the reporter did. Nonetheless, an astoundingly bad description of the discharge.

    I had some monday-morning quarterbacking that I just deleted on the grounds of a)not having been there specifically, and b) never getting closer to this type of thing than a gaming table playing shadowrun. Though I might make one observation on this quote from the Jersey Journal: “The woman killed had just one bullet wound, to the base of her skull” ( )…

  3. Greg says:

    Perhaps this police chief should be calling for repeat violent offender criminals, like the one who shot his police officer, to be classified as “assault criminals,” which in turn would mean that they can be “banned,” i.e., executed by lethal injection.

  4. kahr40 says:

    I suspect what the Chief meant was “let’s just classify all firearms as an ‘assault weapon’ and be done with it.”