Tactical Mini-14

Looks like Ruger is finally shedding the legacy of Bill Ruger and once again making a political incorrect version of the Mini-14.  When we were at Blackhawk, they showed us a Ruger 10/22 stock that was Ruger branded, and I seem to recall they said they were working on something else with Ruger they couldn’t talk about.  I’m wondering if this was it.

6 thoughts on “Tactical Mini-14”

  1. Does anybody remember the stainless steel Mini-14’s that were shown regularly on episodes of “The ‘A’ Team”? I seem to recall them being a bit politically correct, but I’m not sure if they were accurate representations of what Ruger was shipping from the factory back in the 1980’s.

  2. Oh…now that’s the poster child for a ban list. I think I just pooped a little. In my pants.

    I hope these will be out before the next ban is introduced so that we can call the demoncats out on their bigotry…judging on color and appearance and not function. Bigotry attempting to be institutionalized in another area of the law.

  3. Why wouldn’t they start making these? With Obama in the White House, they’ll be selling ’em faster than they can make ’em.

    Looks good though.

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