11 thoughts on “My Favorite Feature of the New Mini-14”

  1. OK, nice. But holy foogowie! Look at the price!
    Makes me wonder what my old Mini is worth these days.

  2. That’s my least favorite part, because I know that the rights of people in CA and MA are being infringed.

    …but I know what you’re saying! ;-)

  3. Did Ruger overlook the approval question for New Jersey and the other hoplophobic states?

  4. California Approved: No
    Massachusetts Approved: No

    Well we know we ain’t talking about granola! All I gotta say is if the Mini 14 isn’t allowed chances are I don’t wanna be there either!

  5. The revolution is currently set for Feb. 1. California should be broke by then (I mean out of money, it’s been broken for decades).

    I’m hoping Nevada buys California during the auction.

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