2 thoughts on “Hi-Point Donates Next Generation Carbine to GBR IV”

  1. Outstanding! I really like HiPoint. While often derided as cheap “junk guns” I appreciate the fact that they make guns that are affordable for everyone. First rule of a gunfight: Have a gun! Even for those who can afford better, HiPoints make fun plinkers, loaners for friends at the range, or guns for the truck/camping/fishing trips where they might get roughed up.

    HiPoint is also an all-American company and they offer a lifetime warranty on their products.

    I find it really ironic that even though their weapons are specifically designed to be compliant with the old 1994 AWB, the recently proposed AWBs specifically identify the HiPoints as assault weapons. So, its ok to bail out the auto industry… But perfectly alright to gut the product line offered by a company that actually makes its products in the US?

  2. I’m not surprised they did that. After requests for higher cap mags, I expect the most negative feedback they get is about the ugly stock. I’ve got a 995, and it is a homely, humpbacked S.O.B. They did something right when they cooked up that design though. I can’t figure how something made out of such cheap materials can work as well as it does.
    Probably the most clever amalgam of dirt cheap parts since the Sten gun.

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