Over at The Firearm Blog, we see a preview of what is to replace the AK-74. What makes it special? Rails, it looks like. Apparently it’s been made more ergonomic, but it looks like a pretty standard Kalashnikov to me.

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  1. ExurbanKevin says:

    No mention of the 2-shot burst of the AK-94.

    Interesting that the Rooskies have given up on a feature that our military wants on its new rifles.

    • Diomed says:

      You mean the AN-94? That’s not a Kalashnikov-type rifle (though it looks sort of Kalash-y). It would probably have taken some significant redesigning to incorporate the recoil/burst system into the AK-200, which is really just a 74/100-series with Tapco accessories.

  2. Alexander says:

    Fellas, it’s NOT an AK-12. It’s a previous version of AK-200 (as it unofficially called).
    It will be with ambidextrous selector/safety, new optic mount (possibly not side-mount). Even prototype will be introduced after new year holidays.

  3. mobo says:

    Notice the quad-stack magazine?

  4. Alexander says:

    Well, if you interested in differences in AK-12, here’s some info. From izhevsk engeneers.
    – as base they took Saiga M3. IPSC model.
    – different stock – 5-position folding.
    – Ambidexterous charging handle and safety. Typical switch will stay at its place, plus galil-type will be added.
    – piccatiny rail at top of receiver cover. It will be placed with one side on existing rear sight mount, and another one – locked at bottom of receiver. To cleaning – cover can be unlocked. Rear sight also moved on it.
    – another barrel profile. Interchangeable. Short, standart and long.
    – 60-rnd 4 stack mags. Short FAL-like mag-well.
    – Multicaliber platform. (only in theory right now).

  5. MicroBalrog says:

    Ah, Hyperprapor, fancy that you and I read the same blogs!

  6. Gnarly Sheen says:

    Wtf @ that bipod.

  7. Lorenzo says:

    It is too early to judge this weapon, I believe, since we don’t know its full capabilities yet. It might even have the BARS system (which was tested on AK-107 and AEK-971 rifles). Anyway, it is good to know that they finally replaced the uncomfortable safety and the crude sights.