6 thoughts on “The Case Against Microstamping Visualized”

  1. And from there, a little light work with a file, or a new firing pin, and voila! No more gun I.D.!

  2. Nice, but the NY bill would require microstamping on at least two places. They think it can be done on the firing pin and inside the chamber.

  3. Jacob: That’s true, but what’s to prevent one from buying a new barrel? It’s a bit more expensive than a firing pin, but still easy to purchase and unregulated.

    Even if that were somehow unavailable, what’s to prevent someone from taking a small file to the chamber stamp? Since brass is much softer than steel and the cartridge would rub against the stamp during chambering/extraction, wouldn’t the stamp get plugged up with little brass shavings?

    Either way, putting a tiny stamp inside the high-pressure parts of the gun seems…unwise.

  4. True, but some barrels require fitting. That’s besides the point, though. This is not a discussion about facts.

  5. But even if they do watch this video it won’t help them see how wrong they are. Their ignorance is willful and even for the people where they don’t shut their eyes and cover their ears it is a LONG time before they will see the error of their ways. Most likely when they have a gun pointed at them. Any statisists, facts or explination immediately if they can “reasoned siscourse” will ensue. If they watch this they will still support it. Because the dont give a damn about public saftey. Thats a front because they cant go out and say they want to forcefully disarm the citizenry, which is what they really want.

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