Microstamping Hits the Badger State

Looks like we have another state considering this technology. The main problem with the technology, other than it being trivially easy to defeat, is that it won’t affect the existing stock of guns on the streets. If you look at ATF’s time-to-crime numbers, it shows that most crime guns have been on the streets for a long time. A lot of gun control proposals are, unfortunately for the other side, going to be rendered useless by the fact that the United States has had widespread firearms ownership for a long, long time.

5 thoughts on “Microstamping Hits the Badger State”

  1. Also you forgot the high incidence of illegible characters on tested units.

    And I don’t think anybody’s looked at how much the stamping degrades with normal use. How much ammo can I shoot before the micro stamping is no longer usable? 1,000 rounds? 10,000 Rounds?

    How do I handle that if my stamping gets worn or damaged?

  2. The NY bill tries to answer those concerns by requiring microstamps be imparted on two places on each shell casing. One would be on the primer, the other they think would be in the chamber. Don’t ask how that would happen it isn’t defined.

  3. Wright and Rossi said much the same thing about gun availability over two decades ago. They said that there are now (in 1980) sufficient stocks of firearms, even if current production were halted immediately, and assuming that each gun were to be used in a crime only once, to allow the current level of gun crime to continue for at least a hundred years. And now, in 2009, we can say 300 years. Just to illustrate the “numerical impracticality” of reducing gun crime by restricting guns.

  4. This isn’t going to happen. It’s being pushed by the city Dems, but any of the outstate Dems know that they are dead (politically speaking) if they support things like this. The Fudds are starting to come around and realize they’ve let themselves become patsies for failed social policy for the last 25 years, and they are starting to wake up and start caring about more than their Remington 30-06.

    This is a last-ditch effort to try and structure the debate over our carry law that will come in 2011 after Scott Walker becomes governor. Our enemies are also going to try “gun show loophole,” “lost or stolen,” and other worthless ploys to try and gain traction and legitimacy in the discussion.

    They will fail.

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