Carolyn McCarthy is a Sad Panda

From CNN:

“The NRA is basically taking over the House and the Senate,” said Rep. Carolyn McCarthy, D-New York. “If the NRA wins on each and every bill, the American people are going to suffer the most.”

That’s probably because the Democrats got into power by running moderate pro-gun Democrats.  I for one will be happy not to have to suffer breaking the law when I cross a National Park boundary with a pistol in the glove box.

6 thoughts on “Carolyn McCarthy is a Sad Panda”

  1. While I am glad to hear this, makes me wonder what the Demoncraps are up to.

    I think they are going to leave the gun issue alone until after the 2010 interim elections. Then, if they retain control, grab ahold of your linen folks, because the fun is gonna start.

  2. Hopefully, we keep pushing the limits. How about repeal of the Hughes Amendment?

  3. She sure is mentioning the NRA alot. I wonder why she never mentions the GOA?

    *Pokes hornet’s nest*


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