National Park Carry One Step Closer

The House passed the amendment 249 to 147.  I believe this puts the bill on Obama’s desk.  I fully expect he will sign this important consumer protection bill, and make no mention of what else is in it.

UPDATE: NRA press release here.

UPDATE: Looks like my Congressman, Patrick Murphy, was a yes vote.  Good on him.  Maybe he can upgrade that NRA grade from its current D.  I am also happy to see Chris Carney on board, Jim Gerlach, and Katherine Dahlkemper.  Of the suburban Philadelphia delegation, only Sestak and Schwartz voted against it.  Two out of four ain’t bad.

UPDATE: Moving in the opposite direction in New York State.  New York has apparently gotten insanely jealous of California’s number one Brady ranking, and is busy trying to show California how its done.

13 thoughts on “National Park Carry One Step Closer”

  1. This was a classic move, and should be the way we play from now on. If attaching a bill to a popular piece of legislature is the way to go, then that’s the way we’ll do it!

    It looks like we are finally getting the issue past party partisanship, and into bipartisan rights protection where it belongs.

    Best Regards,
    The Rasch Outdoor Chronicles.

  2. Obama will sign it!! I bet he doesn’t even mention the gun legislation in it.

    NY and CA have lots in common, both are almost broke and neither can raise taxes. Lets see what services suffer there, take away police and the people will be buying guns. Take away the firemen and people will buy fire extinguishers.

    The 2 highest taxes, the 2 highest crime, the 2 that will be going through some CHANGE soon….

    I’ll hold onto to my guns and religion, you keep the change…

  3. So under the NY law, Donald Trump won’t be able to carry in a park. Woo hoo. How many people in NY HAVE a carry “permit”? Is there some way we can toss NY, CA, NJ and associated socialist havens OUT of the U.S.?

  4. Special shout out “thank You” to my Oklahoma Senator, Tom Coburn, who atttached the park carry bill to the credit card bill.

    Way to go Tom!!!

  5. next stimulus bill Obama tries to pass, we attach the following phrase to it.

    “Upon signing of this bill, the Hughes Amendment is hereby repealed effective immediately.”

  6. Woo, credit card protections and gun rights. If you’re in a park and encounter a charging elephant, you now have TWO options to stop it.

  7. Now if he just doesn’t attach a signing statement when he signs it into law.

  8. “AntiCitizenone” I don’t know if they are worthless or not, there seemed to be a S.P.Load of them during the Bush terms. It looked like he couldn’t sign a bill without a signing statement. I am just saying I hope this guy isn’t like him in that reguard also.

  9. It’s significant when the Brady Campaign sounds this defeated:

    Statement Of Brady President Paul Helmke
    On House Of Representatives Action Today

    For Immediate Release: 05-20-2009

    Washington, DC – Paul Helmke, President of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, issued the following statement:

    “The U.S. House vote today to allow loaded firearms to be carried both concealed and openly in most of our national parks, in urban areas as well as rural areas, moves us one step closer to reversing the safety-oriented gun responsibility rule adopted early in the Reagan Administration.

    “This vote ignored the concerns of law enforcement officials responsible for safety in our national parks as well as the vast majority of park users who submitted comments in opposition to changing these rules.

    “By attaching this language to an unrelated bill designed to protect credit card users, those pushing more guns in more places have insulated themselves from any possible chance of a veto by President Obama.

    “When he signs this bill, however, we call on President Obama to re-affirm his long-standing concern about more guns being carried in more places, and promise the American people that he will be taking steps in the near future to help reduce the gun violence in this country that unnecessarily touches so many each year.

    “The Supreme Court has said that we have gun rights, but has also said those rights are ‘not unlimited.’ Let’s now start talking about gun responsibilities as well as gun rights.”

  10. Irony, The Brady bunch and NCPA hamstrung the rule change that only allowed CCW holders, now everyone has the right to OC or CCW with permit as long as the state the park is in allows carry. So MD is out of luck but PA, VA. WVA. I can OC in VA without permit even if a resident from a state that does npt allow it, like MD. I do not have to fingerprinted or pay for a permit.

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