More Gun Industry PR Disasters

This one from JD, who attended the Annual Meeting and Blog Bash from California.  Seems someone at Charter Arms doesn’t realize that a joke you’d make over beers with your buddies isn’t necessarily the kind of thing you say to someone with a media badge.  What if it had been Reuters, CNN, or the New York Times?

6 thoughts on “More Gun Industry PR Disasters”

  1. What if it had been Reuters, CNN, or the New York Times?

    We all would be painted as homophobic rednecks. I’m glad they are trying to make it right with him, but man. That’s just offensive.

    Another issue I have with the pink guns = girl guns thing. My favorite color is brown. Instead of all of these pink guns, I’d like to see more shades of either dark chocolate-colored or shiny bronze-colored guns. I’ve hated pink since I was a little girl.

  2. even though it might have been a tad stereotypical, is it really that far from the truth?

  3. Bitter,

    “This year, the latest fashion accessory for the well dressed woman, a matching bronze snub nosed revolver.” “yes, Janet, notice how the gun blends into the dress so when Mr Carjacker comes at you, you surprise him by putting two rounds center mass.”

  4. +1 Bitter. Even better, my wife seems to have more “masculine” tastes than me. I really dig on all the goofy multi-colored guns out there, and wouldn’t mind adding one or two to my stable. Meanwhile the Mrs. prefers “Gun Colored” guns (Silver metal finishes, or solid black) and thinks wood only belongs on longarms.

    Go figgure.

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