GOP Going After Carolyn McCarthy?

This is promising news. Jacob talks about the fact that she’s actually in a district that could easily elect a Republican, it’s just that, much like with my district, the GOP is fragmented and disorganized, and has run bad candidates. Maybe this is the year. If they have a stab I hope they take it. It would be nice to get Carolyn “The shoulder thing that goes up” McCarthy out of Congress.

3 thoughts on “GOP Going After Carolyn McCarthy?”

  1. I show the video of Tucker Carlson asking her about the barrell shroud to my students, who are new to the Navy.
    That, along with the “heat seeking bullets” of the 50 BMG attack by liberals, are among the greatest arguments that politiicans are idiots.

  2. So far the Nassau County Republican Committee has not made a selection, there are four remaining candidates.

    We will likely have a primary, which will narrow it down to just two.

    I expect with the help of the Tea Party groups I will have enough boots on the ground to push McCarthy into retirement.

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