H-S Precision Digs Deeper

The Atomic Nerds have their recount of their encounter with the H-S Precision representatives on the exhibit hall of the NRA meeting.   Here’s a choice quote:

“No comment. That never happened. He was never affiliated with us. No comment. Move along. We do not include product testimonials.” Added emphasis mine. He continued to chant the “no comment” talisman while making sure the other two H-S Precision employees got the notion that they should keep quiet too.

“What about the apology? Your company didn’t even — ” At this point, a white haired gentleman male stepped forward, visibly angry.

“What about an apology? Did they apologize for killing a US Marshall?”

Go read the whole thing.  These guys sure as hell aren’t PR geniuses.  I’m told the McMillan people, in contrast, were quite nice.

6 Responses to “H-S Precision Digs Deeper”

  1. Kristopher says:

    Cop wannabes. Only a bunch of hopeless buffs would make excuses for Horiuchi.

    Betcha they sell to civilians only because they can’t stay in business without those sales.

  2. Joe Huffman says:

    There was no need for an apology for killing Degan. Harris was found to have killed him in self-defense. And even after doing that Harris as ultimately paid $300K for being shot by the FBI.

    And the jury even wanted the Idaho prosecutor to charge the Marshals with killing Striker, the dog.

    This “Idaho attitude” affected the relationship between the Feds and Idaho law enforcement for years (and still may be a sore point). I could tell you stories…

  3. Stingray says:

    Thanks for the link. I meant to email you when I posted like you asked, but the damn phone went off and threw me back into catching up with work about thirty seconds after I hit publish.

  4. Alcibiades says:

    Should anyone really be concerned over a few dead White Separatists? Sure, there was a baby, but it was probably going to be a little bastard, too.

  5. Crotalus says:

    Alcibiades, I sure hope that was tongue-in-cheek. I’d hate to think you actually think that way.

  6. ATL says:


    In reality, this is a blessing. There are a bunch of other companies that do the work that they do and they are far worthier of your and my money. The best F’ off you can give to a company is to not give them your money. Everything else is just smoke…..