Massachusetts Trying to Top Jersey for Worst State for Gun Owners

If you talk to residents of Massachusetts or New Jersey, they’ll both claim they have the worst gun control laws in the nation.  Depending on what is important to you, they are both correct.  (In Massachusetts you can get a license to carry if you live in the right town, but in New Jersey, the Attorney General doesn’t have the authority to ban the purchase of any handgun he/she doesn’t like.)

There’s a new round of sweeping gun control being introduced in Massachusetts by the Governor, and none of it is very pleasant.  So could they be looking to make the title of worst gun laws in the country official?

9 thoughts on “Massachusetts Trying to Top Jersey for Worst State for Gun Owners”

  1. I covered this yesterday. The worst part of the whole deal is that it’s nothing more than a naked grab to implement a useless one-gun-a-month limit – which Patrick has wanted since he got into office in 2006 and stop all private sales period.

    BTW, it’s the stopping of private sales part that should be the most pernicious of all for folks outside of MA. Right now, private sales are legal in MA – however, both parties have to be licensed gun owners. There is absolutely NO loophole here – you MUST have a valid MA license or it’s against the law. If it passes, then the anti-gun forces have precedent…

  2. I think it’s a competition. About 40 states are competing to be #50 on the Brady Bunch list while the other 10 are competing for #1.

  3. This is nothing but East Coast bias. California has the worst gun laws in the nation, hands down. Massachusetts and New Jersey are just playing catch-up.

  4. I’ve only lived in one of those cesspools, but I rank MA worse for gun laws, and NJ worse on overall smell.

  5. I sense the need for a worst gun law smackdown post. :) Everyone could contribute their law they think makes their state the worst.

  6. I dunno, BC; what makes California worse than Massachusetts or New Jersey? Or, indeed, Illinois? At least you don’t need a permit to own a firearm in California, even a handgun (even if it is required to be registered), and many of the more rural counties are practically “shall issue” (though of course, the Bay Area and greater Los Angeles suck).

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