Big Spenders

Who are the biggest spenders in the Presidential race for 2008?  Hillary and Obama are no surprise, but on the opposite side, while Ron Paul is no surprise, Rudy Giuliani is a close second.

Of the candidates who are still in the race, Romney’s budget would increase spending by 19.5 billion per year, McCain’s by 6.9 billion, and Huckabee’s by 54.2 billion.  Ron Paul would cut 150.1 billion dollars from the federal budget.  Obama’s budget is 287 billion dollars larger.  Hillary’s is only 218.2 billion.

4 thoughts on “Big Spenders”

  1. Ho. Ly. Crap.

    And, no doubt, the same people crowing about how “Bush’s War” has blown the federal deficit out of proportion are also the same people demanding Obama or Hillary be the next President…

  2. What’s really hilarious is that Bush’s insane proposed budget, at $3.1 trillion, is an increase (according to Wikipedia–not the best source, perhaps, and I’ll listen to any disagreements with it) over last year of $300 billion–more than any of the candidates.

    Believe me, Linoge, some of us who “crow about” Bush’s trillion dollar neo-con folly in Iraq are not demanding a Clinton or Obama presidency.

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