Obama Again Disappoints

Boy, the tears must be flowing over at the Brady headquarters this week. First, they discover that rap and rock musicians sometimes embrace violence. After that, they learn that references to firearms are common in the vernacular. And now they find out that Obama has included the Tiahrt Amendment in his budget.

2 thoughts on “Obama Again Disappoints”

  1. I betcha Obama actually was for repealing Tiarht…until he had a 5 minute meeting with ATF and he realized he had been lied to by the gun ban groups.

    1. Doubtful. I’m sure he’s well aware that he can’t afford a fight with NRA right now. If he pressed for repeal, he might as well go sign the certification of GOP winners in most blue dog districts right now. Given the heat he’s already taking over this budget, and the fight that Pelosi is going to give him on it (at least based on her body language during the SOTU), the status quo is the best he can hope for at the moment.

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