Tune in to Cam & Company Tonight

We talked earlier about a public school teacher in New York who’s taking his kids to Albany to protest gun rights.   I just got this tip from Cam Edwards of NRA News:

Saw your link to the story about that history teacher and his lobbying/field trip to Albany later this week.  Wanted to let you know that we did about a 30 minute interview with Mr. Espinoza this afternoon and will be playing it at 11 p.m. tonight.

This ought to be good.  Be sure to tune in, either on the web site, or on Sirius Patriot 144.

7 thoughts on “Tune in to Cam & Company Tonight”

  1. Cam took this guy apart piece by piece. He made it seem all too easy. Well done Cam Edwards.

  2. Cam did indeed rip Esposito a new one, piece by piece! Esposito being silenced by Cam’s recitation of the facts was priceless, but when Cam lit into him for his racist comments about NRA members not caring about other races killing each other? That was pure gold!

  3. Jones, check out the NRANews website. They will have last night’s show so you can watch it. But do it today, before the next show, or you’ll lose it.

    A Threeper is a reference to the American Revolution, in that only about three percent of the American population actively participated in the fight. Some have taken to calling themselves Three Percenters in today’s political fight for the 2A.

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