10 thoughts on “Snarlen Specter on the AWB”

  1. It sounds like the crux of their argument has been proven a lie and now they are afraid to pursue the issue until they have a more firm hold over their dissenters. They want to silence talk radio and bloggers before they push for anything openly.

    We got ’em on the ropes, kids!

  2. Just saw on Drudgereport that Specter is switching parties and becoming a Democrat.

  3. Specter’s switch now means filibuster-proof majority for the Dems.

    Think about that for a while.


  4. Hey guys, just to cheer you up: If Al Franken and Diane Feinstein were to co-sponser a bill, would it be called “Frankenstein?” Well, if it were anti-gun it would certainly be monstrous! I guess that wasn’t very cheery after all – sorry.

  5. Notice he said Congress would not pass AWB not that he disagreed with AWB. Specter is a traitor to the GOP and has been for a while. I am glad that he finally made the jump. When a RINO votes democratic and violates the principles of conservatism it is better that he is an open enemy rather than tainting the ranks.

    I do not think he will keep his A rating with the NRA like Dingell who as Democrat is a strong 2 A supporter.

  6. It would be a change of position to vote for it, considering he voted against the original one, and against renewal. He may be a traitor to the GOP, but he’s been pretty much with us on guns.

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