Teach Your Children Well

Why bother with the readin’, ‘righin’, and ‘rithmetic when you can teach them that firearms are evil:

About 40 students in Increase the Peace, a club led by Esposito, will head to Albany next week to lobby for legislation that will hold the gun industry more accountable and keep drunken drivers off the road.

“We’re going to have fun on this field trip, but we’re also trying to save lives,” Esposito told students at an after-school meeting of the club this week. “There’s a good chance these bills will be passed. If they’re passed, you guys are a part of it.”

If I were a parent, I’d be having a cow right about now, and would be taking it up with the school board.  What do you think classmates would say about a student who, in protest, chose to stay behind, at school, rather than get a day off to go to Albany?

If you’re a reader, and you live in this school district, it’s time to raise hell.  It’s only when we’re silent that we lose.

6 thoughts on “Teach Your Children Well”

  1. Interesting that they call it a “lie-in”.

    When teaching my kids about history and when I talk with them about government and current events, I emphasize the record of governments disarming people for evil purposes, from Jim Crow up through Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, etc.

    What passes for education in government schools these days is shocking.

  2. The existence of a club does not necessarily imply endorsement of the club views. Thus, there’s not much argument to be made with the school district, nor would I. When you seek to restrict the activities of one club, the same rules might turn around and bite YOUR favorite club. Freedom goes both ways.

    Instead, allow the your kids to engage with their peers in conversation over the issues. Don’t give your kids ‘talking points’. No public debates or protest… that’s not how societal changes occur. If you’re educating them to the pros and cons of the issues, they can make their own arguments in the contexts of the teenage point of view. Thus, when a club member is spouting something in the hall, a calm and rational counter can be made. If they go berserk (hey, it’s teenagers, can happen any time), a simple walk away will suffice. Shouting matches convince no one, and alienate the bystanders listening.

  3. Oh, I forget to reveal: got 2 kids of my own, though they are too young to engage in debate. The oldest has already had the first safety lecture, though.

  4. How about hold the governement accountable? When an innocent is killed waiting on 9-11 to pick up etc.

  5. I’m with the group! I’d love to march right into Albany and give them what for about gun rights!

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