7 thoughts on “Summary of Pete King’s 1000 Yard Exclusion Rule”

  1. What we need is a law making it illegal to kill people. Then all the criminals wouldn’t do it. Because it’s the law.

  2. Unintended consequences.. they think these thins out, right?

    For it to be effective on a serious level they would have to announce it in advance. If I were a ruling elite I’d not want that information widely disseminated as I may be a target and constant advertising my position is full of stupid!

    But hey if they want to be a better target its their choice.


  3. I rather like the idea of making the pols (and other protected servants) wear hot-pink aluminum foil jumpsuits, and carry a 25′ long staff (vertically) with a rotating red beacon and a pre-recorded (in English, Spanish, ebonics, french, german, all indigenous-American languages, even if nobody survives to speak them), four dialects of Chinese, six of Arabic, the !click language of the Xhosa bushmen, and anything else that at least one person may have heard of in the US; announcing their imperial presence.

    Oh, and the beacon will also have to have a transponder to the GPS system, to allow everyone fair notice that an idiot is loose.

    To be environmentally sensitive, the beacon and transponder should be made of recycled materials and use a hand-cranked dynamo for power (no solar panels, they may use it indoors).

  4. If politicians want a secure zone, they are free to appear in private venues where the owner can agree to allow metal detectors at every entrance if they so choose.

    This way, the rest of us can go about our business in peace.

  5. Mobo, the shopping center in Tucson is private property. Why should I comport my freedom to travel to some public servants desire for publicity? I didn’t ask them to come, I don’t want them to come, and given notice I’d avoid being around them the same as I’d avoid stepping in dog feces, and for the same reasons.

  6. ER Doc, I had in mind something like a local VFW. Or maybe a bookstore or diner. Somewhere indoors, where the environment is more easily controlled with minimal impact to public spaces.

    Personally, if I were a representitave, I would just hire a staff that carried guns at all times.

  7. One of the things I’ve noted about the stupidity of such a law would be that Peter King must thing that most guns can’t SHOOT that far. Nearly anyone who’s ever spent any length of time in the military has shot at a target that was further away than 333 yards, with an open sighted rifle, no less. The bullets don’t magically fall to the earth at that distance. You can easily hit someone further away than that if your intent was criminal. People like Elmer Keith made themselves famous by shooting an open-sighted pistol (usually a .44 Magnum) at 600 yards, and Trick Shooter Bob Munden has shot balloons at 200 yards with a .38 Snubnose he was holding upside down:

    That takes a great deal of skill, but it would be pretty easy to take a shot like that with a gun that had a scope on it from a rested position. An accurate, scoped hunting rifle could easily make that shot, but they aren’t worried about that guy over there with a high powered hunting rifle, they’re worried about the soccer mom who’s picking up groceries near a political rally who’s got a gun she carries every day to protect herself and her kids. That guy with the rifle is probably just hunting Deer… out of season… in the city.

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