We Need 1000 More Like Him

One of the things I love about Matt Carmel is that he’s a troublemaker, and in a way that I think really helps our movement out. His latest plan to sponsor a little team is just such an example. You might recall that Matt was also the person behind the Palm Pistol, which was designed specifically for disabled persons, so they could successfully defend themselves. As Matt mentioned in an e-mail:

Although the committee refused to provide a reason for the denial, it is fairly clear that someone has a problem with firearms and the shooting sports. But more galling is the kinds of sponsors the committee does accept. For example, one South Orange company is a chicken fast food chain called “Cluck‐U Chicken,” whose very name is a play on profanity. A recent visit to their store revealed a tasteless (no pun intended) Tee‐shirt prominently displayed at the cash register. It showed a scantily clad woman suggestively posing in a small bikini captioned with the words “Large Breasts, Juicy Thighs, Luscious Legs.” They also had bumper stickers with the text “Hey! Cluck‐U” and a hand drawn cartoon with the words “Bite Me” next to their company name. This kind of projected corporate image is somehow deemed more appropriate for children than a legitimate firearms dealer whose business is long rooted in our American culture and traditions. Additional sponsors deemed appropriate by the committee include businesses that promote the sale and use of alcohol and/or tobacco such as Bunny’s, Libretti’s, Parkwood Diner, Quickcheck, Rosies Wine Bar, Swirl Wine Events and Town Hall Deli. Maplewood Veterans of Foreign Wars is also a sponsor, considered by some to be an organization that glorifies war and violence.

Matt is my kind of troublemaker. You can see the whole press release here. I sincerely hope that one day he decides to run for the NRA Board.

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  1. I’m not sure if it’s still this way, but I remember a few years back that the Lake City (SC) Tobacco Festival decided to ban all alcoholic beverage sales during the festival because it set a bad example for the children. You know, you don’t want to let kids think that it’s okay to be drinking….

    …at the Tobacco Festival.

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