Reasoned DiscourseTM Breaking Out Again

Another gun blog points to an entanglement with a blog that asks what evidence we have that Obama is anti-gun.  Apparently she doesn’t want to listen to the answers.  The greatest bit of evidence is Obama’s history with the Joyce Foundation.  That sealed the deal for me.

So far, Obama hasn’t expressed any desire to burn political capital trying to push gun control in a serious way, but that has more to do with it not being smart politics, than because he’s a real believer in gun rights.  Obama is anxious not to repeat the mistakes of Bill Clinton, which is smart on his part.  But what happens when he’s done spending all our kids’ money?

UPDATE: Looks like the post linked was removed.  Reasoned Discourse strikes again!

6 thoughts on “Reasoned DiscourseTM Breaking Out Again”

  1. One vote over the number required and gun control legislation is enacted. Next question?

  2. I’m not sure what the whole point of Skyewriter’s post was.

    Because of a previous post, she pretty much banned all gun rights supporters from posting on her site, regardless of whether or not their posts had been inflammatory. Now she posts a message asking for debate from gun rights supporters. Then she allows no gun rights supporters to comment. Really, what is the point?

    In her latest post she says that she is through with us. Anybody got an over-under on the number of days until she puts up another post related to guns?

  3. She deleted the post entirely. I don’t get that. Why ask for proof, then refuse to allow comments showing said proof, and then delete the post entirely.

    I’m reminded of Jack Nicholson saying “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!” It would certainly appear that’s the case here. It’s the only logical explanation I can think of, but then I do realize we’re not dealing with a logical person.

    As for Obama – He wants bans and more gun control. Like Pelosi and Fienstein he’s simply waiting for the opportune moment. I’m positive he’ll dance in the blood of the dead the next time there’s a tragedy IF he thinks he has the political capital to do so.

    Right now he knows he doesn’t have enough support for gun control.

  4. Yep and her latest post she points out how closed minded gunnies are….when she doesn’t even allow answers to a question she posts.

    would be hilarious if it wasn’t so sad.

  5. No surprise she deleted her post.

    Her, Catherine MacIvor and a few others all work from the same playbook. They don’t want a discussion, so much as they want an echo chamber full of dittoheads.

    Dare to disagree with them or point out that they are factually wrong, and your posts disappear into the ether.

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