Rendell Pushing Gun Control

Just last week, a Rendell spokesman said he wasn’t going to pursue gun control.  It now appears that statement came with an expiration date:

Rendell, at the Allegheny County Courthouse to announce economic development grants, declined to give details on his gun control request. He plans to announce more at a press conference tomorrow in Harrisburg, he said.

At the very least, he said, he would like state legislators to allow local governments to set their own gun laws, something prohibited in 1996, he said.

It’s not going to happen Ed.  We’ll fight for preemption like our gun rights depend on it, because they do.  If local governments are allowed to set their own laws, any of us who travel with firearms, which we do regularly both for self-defense, to travel to matches, to hunt, or what have you, risk unknowingly committing criminal offenses.  We will have no idea where we are and aren’t in compliance with the law.

Presumably Ed Rendell is OK with making millions of Pennsylvanians criminals because they happen to own guns.  Preemption is a bedrock principle.  There’s no negotiating on that.  End of story.

UPDATE: It looks like Ed Rendell is using the Josh Sugarmann playbook by asking the Legislature to ban “automatic weapons”

4 thoughts on “Rendell Pushing Gun Control”

  1. Rendell is looney as our old governor Blagojevich, and our raving Mayor Daley!

  2. Yours, mine… everyone’s politician(s) is/are working on making us felons. Then, they can enforceably legislate us farther into the dark ages… largely with the permission of our “peers”.

  3. Well, looking on the bright side, at least Rendell will have more compassion for you if you become a criminal than he does for law-abiding gun owners.

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