Media Matters Struggles to Come up with NRA Smear Material

As a blogger, I can sympathize with the difficulty of coming up with fresh material on a daily basis. It’s has to be especially hard when your masters are paying you to smear gun rights, and you don’t really know much about the subject.

Reaching as far out there as they can to find something bad to smear NRA with, the latest attempt by Media Matters is to suggest NRA is clearly not a single issue organization, because sometimes Cam has Jim Geraghty on Cam and Company and they sometimes talk about topics other than guns. Ooooh. Real scandal brewing there.

Maybe I’m just not as smart as the enlightened lefties, but I don’t really have too much of a problem distinguishing between “Cam’s Opinion” and and “Official Statement of the National Rifle Association.”

5 thoughts on “Media Matters Struggles to Come up with NRA Smear Material”

  1. That’s funny that they cannot distinguish between the two concepts since Cam includes a disclaimer in every single show that the things said by non-NRA people may not represent the opinions or policies of the NRA.

  2. KKK grand wizard Daniel Carver often appears on the Howard Stern show, therefore, Howard is a Klansman. Funny, I don’t think they’d let him (Jewish), Robin (black) or Bababooey (Catholic) join, but apparently by Media Matters’ standards, the Klan is growing more inclusive!

  3. No, no, no. The NRA is pretty much a single-issue group. It’s the other, “No Compromise” gun rights organization that’s against gay major, illegal immigration and fluoridation of our drinking water.

    Oh, and they’re for gun rights. Them too.

  4. Wow, they hate us. They really really hate us!

    It’s damned odd how liberals and the Democratic Party just can’t let go of their hostility to gun rights and gun owners. The proof? Media Matters itself!

    Media Matters is a hyperpartisan attack machine intended to promote liberalism and the Democratic Party as the instrument of imposing liberal policies on America. And yet Media Matters has an entire “gun facts microsite” devoted to attacking the NRA and gun rights. Not too smart on their part.

    No wonder Democrats and liberals are a shrinking minority in America.

  5. While certainly not true, this might not be a bad strategy for the other side to to adopt. Even many on the left now yawn at the mention of gun control.

    If they can paint NRA as anti labor, anti gay, etc, they could maybe grow their fundraising base while peeling rank and file union members and others away from supporting NRA.

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