And Now It’s 60 Minutes

I just watched 60 minutes short segment on the Great Obama Gun Rush.  It’s pretty clear to me at this point that the media is doing everything it possibly can to bring gun control back into the public spotlight, and create a favorable environment for the Democratic Congress to pass it.  Gun Geek Rants has a pretty good run down of the show.

It featured Philip Van Cleave, President of Virginia Citizens Defense Leauge.  I thought he handled himself well, for it being a hostile interview.  The only problems I saw with his performance was nit picky stuff like using “guns” in the context of “These politicians are good for guns” rather than “These politicians are good on Second Amendment Rights.”  We should be careful to remind people that this issue isn’t about guns, it’s about freedom.  It’s about the Bill of Rights.  These are things that everyone generally agrees it’s important to preserve.

UPDATE: Michael Bane notes that Newsweek is in on the gun control game too.

5 thoughts on “And Now It’s 60 Minutes”

  1. “it’s about freedom”

    I agree. All too often our time and energy are divided as we struggle to protect the specific freedom(s) we care about and we forget to defend the Constitution.

  2. The reason why they are running these stories is because they guarantee viewership. It doesn’t matter what the position is- as long as they get the rubes watching, they get the money for their ad revenue. The best thing to do is ignore and overcome them. Keep shooting, keep pushing freedom, and keep appealing to common sense. It’s nice to be on the right side of this issue….

  3. Another family member had this on in another room and I could overhear a lot of it. What struck me most was the free publicity for the various mass-attack shooters.

  4. I think it’s better to say “good on guns” if that’s what you mean. Not every aspect of gun control is a Second Amendment issue. A politician who favors all constitutional gun control while opposing only the stuff that’s bad enough to violate the Second Amendment is better than an enemy of the Second Amendment, but hardly ideal.

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