MAIG Membership an Issue in Texas Governor’s Race

I wish we could make MAIG membership as toxic in Pennsylvania as it apparently is in Texas. Pennsylvania rivals Texas for top spot in terms of number of NRA members, but for some reason our members aren’t willing to hold politicians accountable to the degree Texans are.

“Anywhere in the civilized world you would be able to make the argument that everybody should be able to be against illegal guns. But we’re not in the civilized word. We’re in Texas,” said Southern Methodist University political scientist Cal Jillson.

Except that Mayors Against Illegal Guns has very little to do with illegal guns, and everything to do with repacking the same old agenda the Bradys have been pushing into a more palatable pill for politicians to try to swallow. Like gun control groups of the past, their means to stop illegal guns centers around making gun ownership more difficult and risky for the law abiding. There’s nothing new about that. It’s good to see Texans are seeing through the smoke and mirrors. I wish Pennsylvanians would too.

3 thoughts on “MAIG Membership an Issue in Texas Governor’s Race”

  1. I still think gun rights groups should try similar tactics. My suggestion, use ‘common sense gun laws’, but mean common sense as in Vermont Carry.

    Citizens for common sense gun laws
    (Insert state)ers for common sense gun laws
    Mayors for common sense gun laws
    Hunters for common sense gun laws

  2. A Demoncrat in Texas is not a Demoncrat in PA.


    All are bastions of NE Democrats.

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