Gun Control Rally Tomorrow in Harrisburg

Ed Rendell said he’d be back, and he will be, tomorrow at the Capitol.

Governor Ed Rendell, mayors and police from across Pennsylvania will rally in Harrisburg Monday, as a push for new legislation on guns. Last month, Governor Rendell made an unsuccessful plea to the legislature to take up a slew of gun control measures but lawmakers rejected them all.

He’s back, even though many pro-gun Democrats are telling the governor they want nothing to do with this issue. I firmly believe that we have to give the Democrats in PA the boot if we want to retain our gun rights. Your local guy might be well and good, but having his party in charge puts the Philadelphia politicians in a much better position to attack your gun rights. Think about that in 2008.

UPDATE: Traction Control has more.

6 Responses to “Gun Control Rally Tomorrow in Harrisburg”

  1. The problem with that is you’re punishing the very people we need more of–pro gun Democrats.

    It’s inevitable that in every state and at the national level that there’ll be other issues that matter to people, and you can count on the fact that the pendulum will swing back and forth.

    Sooner or later Dems will be in power…but it won’t matter if we have enough pro gun Dems to keep the antis like Rendell in check. Punishing pro gun Dems by saying “gee thanks for your support but we’re going to dump you anyway” isn’t a very good message. Instead, encourage more and more pro gun Dems and have THEM keep putting the pressure on Fast Eddie.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Well, my preference would be to get rid of the anti-gun Republicans that voted for this stuff. And to some degree I agree with you, but the only way the Democrats are going ot make sure never to put someone like Rendell up for governor again is to make them pay for doing it.

  3. You have the same prob we have here–a couple of big municipalities can really influence who gets elected to a statewide seat. Even though the non-Baltimore and Montgomery County Democrats in MD are often quite good on gun rights, we’re stuck with O’Malley thanks to Balto, PG, and Monty counties…

  4. Sebastian says:

    To be clear, I would never advocate people kneecap long time Dem RKBA advocates. There are a lot of new guys that don’t have records yet that would be vulnerable.

    But there’s still time before the elections. The Dems may very well corral fast eddie and render this a moot issue. I just want to make sure they have the proper motivation to get him under control.

  5. Point taken, and agreed upon–which is why Jadedouche seems to think that I’m sort of GOP plant…cause I have no problem admitting to voting for GOP candidates when there are Dems that just plain need to be bounced. I think party affiliation needs to be deemphasized wherever possible; I’ve voted for Dems, Repubs, Greens, Independents, Libertarians, and just about every other party on the ballot, and I wish more people could be as open minded. The one party rule that we’ve slid into here in MD really ends up meaning corruption, unabated by the built in checks and balances we’re supposed to have.

  6. straightarrow says:

    PGP, there are those that say an open mind is just evidence of holes in the head. Just sayin’.

    However, my voting record is much like yours. I was just pulling your chain. What with the tragedy to your Johnson and all I’m just trying to lighten the mood.