Dead Pirates – A Great Easter Treat

Looks like the captain managed to jump overboard again, and the Navy shot the remaining pirates.  Nice shooting.  At least the Big-O had the stones to tell the Navy to do what they had to do.  There will be more piracy though, that much can be certain.  Blackfork thinks it never should have come to this point, and I agree with him.

I wondered, since it’s a bit harder to convince the international community to give up its irrational fear of civilians with guns, whether the Navy could buy a dozen or so old merchant vessels, fill them with Marines, and have them cruise the Gulf of Aden. Kill any pirates who try to attack.  Eventually, the pirates won’t know which vessels are carrying cargo, and which are carrying marines who will kill them.  Get enough countries to do this, I’m going to bet that a lot of these pirates decide life as a fisherman isn’t so bad after all.

7 thoughts on “Dead Pirates – A Great Easter Treat”

  1. Well it’s nice to see the Big “O” do something right. I bet we will now hear the chorus starting about how violence back at the pirates has escalated the pirate issue. I have never understood how neutralizing these goblins is ever a bad thing- for me when someone is holding me hostage and pointing a gun at my head. I am not really worried about “escalation.”

    Good work to the administration, the SEALS, and all those involved who helped shorten the wretched lives of these scumbags. I just hope they were some left-overs from the Blackhawk Down Incident.

  2. I still say it’s an excellent area for Xe (the Company formerly known as Blackwater) to contract out armed ship-based Marines that provide muscle to the Captain and security for the crew.

    But if the pirates start focusing on US flagged vessels, the Q-ship idea w/ a platoon or two full of the USMC’s finest is a darn fine idea. It’s Barbary Pirates 2.0

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