Even in New Jersey …

gun sales are up 30%.  Now if the folks who are buying all these new guns would get involved and get engaged, we might be able to make some progress over there.

8 Responses to “Even in New Jersey …”

  1. ATL says:

    Only 30%? Does that count for what is bought out of the trunk of a car in Camden?

  2. Linoge says:

    Give them time… it is strange how owning a firearm puts things into perspective for some people, but it can be a gradual process.

  3. Macbrun says:

    I live in frakkin’ New Jersey and probably accounted for a good chunk of that 30%. Five guns since October…Legally!

  4. Mopar says:

    Pretty amazing considering the hoops you have to jump through to own even an air rifle in NJ. As a matter of fact, considering those hoops (it can take 3-6 months just to get a basic FID card) it would be interesting to revisit those same locations in another 3-6 months and see the percentage increase.

  5. teqjack says:

    For those of us who could not bear to submit to 20/20 last night, this guy did –

    Gunshow loophole, untrained students against LEOs (note, despite being totally unfamiliar with guns [and according to a post by John Lott on his blog] being in a position already to the “attacker” one young woman managed to put a shot into the attacker’s leg), glossing over LEO advice to “get training” and other actual good words…

    Yep. All that and more.

  6. skrip00 says:

    I live in NJ, just bought my first gun 2 months ago, 1911 by Kimber, and a remington 870 tactical… still have one more pistol purchase though… gotta use it or lose it in 10 days.

  7. Ian Argent says:

    Remember, the pistol chit can be re-upped for another 90 days.

    I plan to contribute to that stat soon, though probably not on Buy A Gun day itself

  8. Andy says:

    Anyone who has been a long term gun owner owes it to the new gun owners to encourage, strongly, to receive proper training. And to practice. Having a new gun owner accidentally shoot themselves doesn’t help