Speeding Up Silhouette Matches

One of the time consuming things in running silhouette matches is having to make the line safe, go down, and reset all the animals.  Resettable targets would be ideal, but not many people make them, and some brands have issues with the animals popping back up on you.

I went down to club this morning to check out some targets we’re considering using for our air rifle and air pistol silhouette matches.  They are made by a guy up in Binghamton, New York.  His company is called Noteworthy Targets, and make these 1/10th scale NRA Air Gun Silhouette targets that reset.  We shot at them all morning with a hard hitting .22 caliber air pistol, a high powered .117 air rifle, and my .177 air pistol.  They worked pretty well.  The demo model brought down for us were air rifle targets, and my .177 couldn’t knock the rifle rams over at the regulation 18 yards, but if we get lighter air pistol ones made, that shouldn’t be a problem.  The great thing is, when they go down, they stay down.  They are also fully adjustable, so you can adjust how heavy you set them.  Today we had them set pretty heavy.  The animals also screw on to the shaft, which is nice in case you need to take them off for repair.

He makes a lot of other steel targets if you want to get into shooting at steel.  It’s a lot of fun, if the range you shoot at allows it.

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