US Conference of Mayors Demands Brady Agenda

They are calling for it now:

Yet Miami Mayor Manny Diaz, president of the mayors’ conference, says there is little time to spare. He says his group wants the assault weapons ban reinstated and federal legislation to limit gun purchases.

“Typically, when these things happen in our cities, statements are made, and then the issue goes away,” he says. “It doesn’t go away for us. We need help.”

It won’t go away for you until you have the courage to remove dangerous people from society, rather than trying unsuccessfully to remove dangerous objects.  We can’t all live in a padded cell.  The really interesting bit of this article, though, is the graphic:


So we know these things a) are not new, and b) tend to spike with bad economic times.  All things considering, it’s pretty clear gun laws don’t have much of an effect.

4 thoughts on “US Conference of Mayors Demands Brady Agenda”

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  2. Yeah, it’s amusing that there’s a big upsurge (87) right after a low (85), with the swing point being… the bill banning sales of newly constructed machineguns to civilians.

    Almost as if that had nothing to do with actual crime!

  3. Any time someone starts by saying “there’s no time to waste” it means either 1- they have no basis for their argument and don’t want you to examine their premises, or 2- you’ve got all the time in the world because what they propose has absolutely nothing to do with the results they would like to convince you will be produced.

  4. That graph really does show that there’s no correlation whatsoever between gun control legislation and violence. It’s almost like gun control doesn’t work! B-B-But how could that BE!?

    friggin’ politicians. They want to ban guns so they’ll be free… to take as much as they want.

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