Campus Carry Update

If the polls released over the past few days are making the Brady’s crap their pants, this news is going to have them reaching for the Imodium.   The Missouri House has passed a bill that eliminates the restrictions that people with concealed weapons licenses face on college campuses.   Best part?  It passed 106-41.  A House committee in Texas also recently passed the same bill, 5-3, sending the bill to the full House for consideration.

We’d like to congratulate the new NRA State Liaison for Missouri on the victory there.  Prior to her new position in State and Local Affairs, she was the Media Liaison who handled blogger outreach, sending us press releases and answering our questions.  So we’re very happy for this accomplishment.

One thought on “Campus Carry Update”

  1. That is AWESOME for Missouri, and the Houston Chronicle is reporting chances are GOOD that the bill in Texas will pass the full legislature as well. My state senator is on board, and I’m going to be leaning on my state rep (a Republican) to put her vote where her mouth is and support this, too.

    This directly impacts me as a state employee at a major public university and I’m thrilled at the prospect of this actually becoming law. I may just have to stay in Texas for the rest of my career as a librarian, or only move to Missouri or Utah (which also have legal campus carry).

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