How to Pass Gun Control: A Liberal’s Plan

This screed suggesting the “new” idea to enact gun control is laughable.

The solution is obvious, create an alternate organization that supports gun ownership but in a responsible manner. I would call the new organization the “American Rifle Organization” (ARA) or something similar. (sic)

They would have progressive gun ownership rules like the following:

1. Support for single action rifles, shotguns and Revolver Handguns only.
2. Licensed and certified gun ownership.
3. Separation between public, police and military style weapons. It would be illegal for the public to purchase or own police and military style weapons.
4. No public ownership of automatic or semi-automatic weapons.

Apparently no one told the Air America hosts that someone is already trying it, and it’s not working.

5 thoughts on “How to Pass Gun Control: A Liberal’s Plan”

  1. What is it with these brain dead idiots that makes them put the work “progressive” in front of everything as if that’s the solution to make anything better?

    “We will have progressive slavery…”

  2. Isn’t it funny that “The Young Turks was the political movement that disarmed of the Armenians in 1915 and orchestrated their subsequent genocide?

    oh wait funny is not the word i’m looking for

  3. What does he mean by “single-action”? I assumed he meant “single-shot” (as in, holding only one round), but then he added revolvers to the list… And there’s no major difference between a revolver and a pistol.

    (And then some other poster refers to pistols and shotguns as single-action.)

    Also, he doesn’t say anything about gatling-crank guns…

  4. *Facepalm*

    Yeah, y’know because all those SASS shootists (and Revolutionary War Re-Enactor groups) and Black powder hunting enthusiasts out there are dumb as rocks and will start sending checks to your astroturf org rather than the NRA….NOT!

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