Civil Rights Victory in Missouri

It seems to be one of those days, but Governor Jay Nixon has signed a comprehensive firearms reform bill into law that does, among other things, lower the concealed carry permit age to 21, and legalizes machine guns, suppressors, SBRs, and SBSs.

A shout out to Ashley, who was once NRA’s Media Liaison to bloggers, but who took over as NRA State Liaison to Missouri, Indiana and Oklahoma a few years ago. Getting NFA firearms legalized is quite an achievement in any state, and evidence that NRA has not forgotten about NFA owners.

19 thoughts on “Civil Rights Victory in Missouri”

  1. “and legalizes machine guns, suppressors, SBRs, and SBSs.”

    That’s PURE win.

    I mean, I don’t know how much purer that can be. The only way to top it is to legalize open carrying of fully functional MG42s. So this is what common sense gun laws look like.

  2. The only – and actually fairly realistic – way to top it would be to arrange for some reform on the Federal level. Preferably attached at the 491st page of a 1500-page Omnibus Whatever Reform Act of 2011. Or an executive order with a future president.

    Effectively, a second FOPA.

  3. Or – which was actually done I think in Tenessee – a local bill prohibiting police chiefs from denying CLEO signatures.

  4. Another cool thing about HB 294 is that it outlaws Bloomberg-style “sting” operations at gun shows and shops:

    2. A person commits the crime of fraudulent purchase of a firearm if such person:

    (1) Knowingly solicits, persuades, encourages or entices a licensed dealer or private seller of firearms or ammunition to transfer a firearm or ammunition under circumstances which the person knows would violate the laws of this state or the United States; or

    (2) Provides to a licensed dealer or private seller of firearms or ammunition what the person knows to be materially false information with intent to deceive the dealer or seller about the legality of a transfer of a firearm or ammunition; or

    (3) Willfully procures another to violate the provisions of subdivision (1) or (2) of this subsection.

    3. Fraudulent purchase of a firearm is a class D felony.

  5. I was ignorant of the original licensing age limit being 23 there. Proof that you can learn something every day? Any other States have age differentiations like this one?

  6. He’s already on his way out, but if I were Helmke, I’d be worried about defenestration at this point.

  7. –Creating the crime of fraudulent firearms purchases if a person knowingly solicits, persuades, encourages, or entices a licensed dealer or private seller of firearms or ammunition to transfer a firearm or ammunition under circumstances which the person knows would violate federal or state laws; and

    This seems like it would also make stuff like ATF’s gunwalker illegal too…..they encouraged or enticed licensed dealers to sell to illegal persons. Of course it was allready illegal, but now the state could prosecute too.

  8. Wow I have to admit I Didn’t expect to see state prohibitions against NFA items rolled back this early in the fight. This seems like a huge win!!!

  9. “Any other States have age differentiations like this one?”

    Well, not older than MO but in Indiana one may carry at 18. I believe several other states have it at 18.

    This is unpossible. I read on blogs on the Internetz that NFA reform is the impossible and politicians will have nothing to do with machine guns or suppressors.

    Could it be that the might blogs are like worms in a jar feeding on each other’s opinions and making excuses for not getting these reforms done? Say it isn’t so.

  10. About the NFA changes–I don’t think they’re quite as huge as people are thinking. Legal suppressors are new, and that’s great. Machine guns, SBRs, and SBSs were already legal in MO, apparently. Before, though, you needed to be an FFL holder just to buy and own them–when HB 294 goes into effect, you won’t.

    Don’t get me wrong–that’s still a big deal, but I think some have been under the impression that the change was a bit more revolutionary than that.

  11. I’m pretty sure MO legalized silencers in 2009 or 2010, under the “must have FFL” regime. It was a big deal at the time, as I recall one of the EBR manufacturers in the state played a prominent role in pushing it through.

  12. In that case the Must have FFL change is good, but it isn’t huge as it isn’t hard to get a C&R which people could have gotten before. But I am pretty happy to see anything moving on NFA items. It would be nice to see suppressors removed from the NFA at a federal level in the 5 years, or at the very least maybe they could lower the tax on them and make them more of a fast track item to process.

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