John Rosenthal Finds New Demon

Looks like he’s gone from wanting to ban guns to wanting to ban bottled water:

Opposition to the bottled water industry is just beginning to gain momentum. In December 2008 the City of Toronto became the largest city in the world to pass a comprehensive policy banning bottled water in City buildings and aggressively reinvesting in the City’s public water supply delivery system. Other major urban centers, like Seattle and New York are promoting their own tap water over bottled water. According to the Container Recycling Institute, just supplying Americans with plastic water bottles for one year consumes more than 47 million gallons of oil, enough to take 100,000 cars off the road and 1 billion pounds of carbon out of the atmosphere. Ninety percent of used water bottles are not recycled. In California alone, more than 1 billion plastic bottles end up in California’s landfills each year, leaking toxic additives, such as phthalates, into the groundwater and taking 1,000 years to biodegrade.

Why can’t these people just leave well enough alone and stop telling people how to live their lives?  Bitter is going to head to the store today to get some more Coke Zero.  I’ll make sure she picks up a nice palette of bottled water, and we’ll drink a few in honor of AHSA co-founder John Rosenthal.

There’s one reason I sometimes drink bottled water.  My tap water tastes bad, and Britta doesn’t help much.  But hey, I welcome the change.  I anxiously await the creation of the American Water Drinkers Association, to defend the rights of water drinking Americans everywhere.

9 thoughts on “John Rosenthal Finds New Demon”

  1. I love how liberals toss out rapid fire hysteria without actually parsing the meanings of their own words. The facts of the above article, as stated, details how plastic bottles are an effective (if pointless) carbon sequestration technology (1 billion pounds of carbon sequestered for up to 1000 years?).

    Talk fast enough, and people will believe anything.

  2. Thankfully, our water is improved greatly by filtration, and running it through those filters is inordinately cheaper than trying to buy it in bottles. Of course, one of those little flavor-packets from Wal-Mart goes a long way too.

    In any case, though, we do it just for the cost savings. Bugger folks who will crawl into your kitchen and tell you what to drink.

  3. Not surprisingly, this was from the Huffington Post. Do any of you have any idea just how weird, perverse, and superstitious both Arianna Huffington and her site in general are? Put it this way: one of their big crusades has been to BAN VACCINES FOR CHILDREN. This woman is not a mentally healthy person–as is indicated by her history as a cult member.

  4. I’ll start drinking tap water when they 1) make it taste good, and 2) guarantee a lack of bacterial and viral contaminates capable of causing moderate to severe illness at all times. Where I come from, the sewer system isn’t that great and heavy rainfall (or simple operator error) will sometimes cause the sewer to back up into the town tap water supply. And they can’t always get the alert on that out in time to prevent you from taking a big swig of shit water.

    So, I think I’ll stick to bottled water for all of my drinking needs.

  5. Personally, I recommend rainwater and pure grain alcohol. You have to maintain the purity of your precious bodily fluids.

  6. They ban bottled water… but do they ban sports bottles?

    Next, Rosenthal will mandate FCOJ and powdered milk because concentrate saves on fuel. Soviet/Venezuelan command-economy wins again!

    (Incidentally, I think Diet Sprite tastes the closest to its parent soda. There’s still an aftertaste, but it is less noticeable than Coke Zero.)

  7. If the Brita doesn’t work too well, you might try buying one of these.

    Tucson water tastes like crap, but it’s pretty good with the RO system.

    Unfortunately, the RO system seems to take everything out of it except for the water, leaving it a bit bland. I have a Brita pitcher in the fridge that I use for adding a little bit of flavor (in the form of minerals) back to the water.

  8. I personally don’t drink bottled water unless it’s from a vending machine on an inordinately hot day. Then it’s usually like $3 for a 20 oz bottle, which I refill with tap water when I get the chance. The tap water here in FL is okay in my opinion, and I’ve lived all over. Besides, sewage is like roughage for your immune system.

    What I wonder is, do people on the left ever catch wind of the new, hip thing to ban and say, “Okay, guys. This isn’t funny anymore!” I gotta wonder how many people who were on the left have moved closer to the center, or even the right because they were tired of their favorite things getting banned.

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