Home Improvement: The Pour

Yesterday, the concrete guy came by to check on the status of water in the piling holes.  They were pretty full, so he knew he had to bring a pump today to get them emptied in order to pour the concrete.

This morning, we woke to the sounds of them working on the frame and prepping for the concrete to go in around 7 or 7:30 (the clock is on Sebastian’s side, so I’m guessing here).  Right before Sebastian left, the concrete truck arrived.  That was exciting.  Even more exciting was watching them work.  The concrete truck waited in the alley while Norm’s two assistants brought it over one wheelbarrow-full at a time.  Norm mixed it up to to fill in all the important areas, and then one of the other guys took over smoothing it down for hours.  He left shortly before 3pm.  That was a long day of smoothing out concrete.

I have to admit, I was most shocked when they started putting in lines where there were none before.  And this is why we’re reminded why it’s better to hire pros for some projects.  The simple lines and the pattern that they added to the newly created border transformed that patio.  This home is clearly a starter home, so you can never get too fancy with any decor.  But, because of that, details have the chance to stand out.  And this, when I look outside, really stands out in a good way.

I have to say that this was a fantastic investment.  We got a great deal with the contractor, and I would not be shocked that even in a down market, that Sebastian would see every dime from this project back – and more.  It’s that big of a difference.

5 thoughts on “Home Improvement: The Pour”

  1. It looks very good. Sounds like you found yourselves a good contractor.

    “…we woke to the sounds of them working on the frame and prepping for the concrete to go in around 7 or 7:30”

    Must be nice. I’ve been at work for an hour by then.

  2. looks good.

    3:00 isn’t too bad to be finishing concrete.

    When I was working concrete, it was not uncommon to be finishing til 5 or 6.

    When we poured the floor in our new building a few years ago, the weather was rather cold. One night, our contractor was still trying to get a slab pour to cure and be able to finish it until well after mid-night.

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