No Water Cooler for You!

This is crazy:

A coalition of students, environmentalists, Christians and thirsty people have written a letter to Mayor Street asking him to get rid of all the bottled water the city buys.

Philadelphia, as you may know, has a pretty decent water supply, not full of arsenic or lead or blood or floating heads or whatever. The push is organized by Corporate Accountability International, who is leading the push against “the marketing muscle of bottled water corporations.” Indeed!

Emphasis mine.  Philadelphia water tastes like total crud, generally.  I’ve never been able to stand it.  It seems to be rather than worrying that the city is buying bottled water for its employees, they should worry more about the city wasting money on unmerited lawsuits against the state in regards to the well established fact that they may not make their own gun laws.

2 thoughts on “No Water Cooler for You!”

  1. Philadelphia water tastes awful. I live in Houston, and can drink Houston water without vomiting, and even I think Philly water is bad. Also, if you’re ever in Waco, don’t drink the water.

  2. if you’re ever in Waco, don’t drink the water.

    That could be put on a T-shirt so easily….

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