Butt Crack of Dawn

One thing I really appreciate about the club’s air gun matches is that the start at 10AM.  IHMSA and CMP start at 8, which means I get up earlier than I normally would for work.  Came down with a cold yesterday too, so I have a Benadryl fog on top of it all.  Should be interesting to see how I shoot with cold medication running through my system.

Either way, the AR-15 and I must be off.

UPDATE: 395 in a 500 point match.  First slow fire prone stage I bombed.  Steadily improved in score up until offhand, which wasn’t actually as bad as the first prone stage!  I think I can reasonably do 425/500 next time.  We’ll see.  I might shoot better when I’m not feeling like crap.  The top shooter, who I was scoring, did a 490/500 with 11X.  I definitely have some practice ahead of me to improve.

2 Responses to “Butt Crack of Dawn”

  1. Rick R says:

    Be Careful!!! Benadryl and bullets don’t mix well…..

  2. Sebastian says:

    It doesn’t affect my judgment, just makes me tired and lethargic.