Three Gun Saturday

This month’s Practical Rifle match at Langhorne Rod and Gun Club was a three gun match.  We had about 40 shooters. Match was cut up into 5 stages.  First stage was at 50 yards.   Three magazines loaded with 10 round each.  Fire one standing, transition to kneeling and fire one, transition to prone and fire one, back to kneeling, and back to standing, repeating until you exhaust all your magazines.  Doesn’t sound too bad, but it gets your pulse rate up.  Lost 9 on the IDPA target — needed to aim higher and I would have only pulled one or two, but I was shooting lower than I would have figured.  Next stage was 25 yards, to 15 yards, to 7.  All done standing.  Ten shots each with rifle, then transition to pistol at 7 yards and engage head of target.  Got too punchy and pulled three of my shots low.  Didn’t do too bad overall.  Next stage was the car:

Car Stage

This stage stressed rapid target acquisition, and had one IDPA swinger, which was tough to hit.  Started out with pistol, then transitioned to rifle.

Rifle Part of Car Stage

Then onto the shotgun. I had to run home to get the shotgun and more 9mm over break, because they didn’t publish the match requirements on the web site like they say they do. Stage one was four shots on steel, but with one catch. Running the shotgun prone, you could only use one hand, and had to single load each round. I had a pump, so I completed the stage with some difficulty. Stage five was also a shotgun stage, which was essentially 7 propped up clays which had to be shot on the run at 21 feet.

I was happy that I got a whole nice bag of brass from scavenging the range after everyone was done shooting, but I’m also happy for this:

Third Prize

Third place! Shoot off was the same as the first stage at a pie plate at 50 yards. First one finished calls a cease fire. I didn’t shoot as well as I could have, so I figured I didn’t place, but we had to break the tie for second because we both had 10 hits, but he had more on the center portion than I did, so he got second, and I got third. Came two hits away from first. Maybe next time!

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  1. Hey, you and I shoot at the same club we used to. I had to let my membership to LRGC lapse.

    I’ve probably ran into you a few times and maybe even shot Action Pistol with you.

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