CMP Season Begins

Tomorrow is our club’s first CMP match for the season.  Took the AR out today to practice a bit, and to chrony a new load.  27 grains of Varget with a 55gr Remington FMJ-BT bullet.  We only have a 200 yard range, so 55 grains works fine.  I thought 27 grains of Varget ran a little hot.  3380 at the muzzle.  I prefer about 3200 out of the 20″ barrel.

Match starts at 8:00 tomorrow.  I don’t even get to work that early.  Need to load some more ammo before I get to bed tonight.  One thing I definitely appreciate about shooting air pistol and .22LR is that I don’t have to reload anything.

2 thoughts on “CMP Season Begins”

  1. I shoot in our military rifle match today as well. Taking out the old 1938 Turk Mauser to play. Pulled Yugo bullets over Pulled Yugo powder…. and it will shoot a 400 if I do my part.

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