San Francisco Chronicle Raises the From Dead!

Amazingly, the San Francisco Chronicle has managed to raise the dead. Praise be to Jesus! Amazingly, it can’t raise itself from nearly certain death since they could be closed any day now. They can just raise other people from the dead.

On the National Park Service lead ammo ban announced this month, the Chronicle quotes Neal Knox. That’s correct – the Neal Knox who died in 2005. They not only run the story online, but they published it in today’s paper on page H-8. (Someone in the area might want to grab a copy for the Knox family. I don’t know how they would feel, but I know I would find it amusing if someone quoted my father on a current issue when he’s been dead for more than 10 years now.)

How does their team of crack reporters do it? I’m fascinated by their new ability to raise the dead. This should give them a leg up on the competition. Oh wait, they are the only major daily in town – they have no competition and they still lose $1 million/week.

Or, maybe it’s not a new talent by Chronicle reporters. Maybe it’s just Neal Knox. Perhaps he has risen as a zombie and is now working with his sons to issue new statements? This could give some folks at NRA more than a little heartburn tonight.

Of course, if their reporters had done any research, they would find (as best I can tell) that the quote – which indicates nothing specific about lead, so I’m not even confident it is about lead issues – is from almost 20 years ago about a different issue. Shocking – I know – that Neal Knox, more than 4 years after his death, is not issuing statements about recent NPS policy announcements.

But remember, they have editors. They are better than bloggers – always! We’re just sitting around in our pajamas and spreading rumors with no editorial control at all. At this point, the difference is that we don’t even get paid.

3 thoughts on “San Francisco Chronicle Raises the From Dead!”

  1. I knew Neal, as did many. He would get a kick out of this I think. Of course, he would also have rolled his eyes at the legacy media getting it wrong yet again

    Neal was a powerful figure. I guess none of us truly knew just HOW powerful he really was!!!

  2. Did you go back to and read the original piece in High Country News, from which the SF Chronic blog apparently cut indiscriminately? The original author was actually making a point about how little the issue has changed in the last 20 years. They not only screwed up his attribution, making it seem like he lied about Neal, but also completely removed his point from his writing.

  3. That’s too bad, the Chronicle is near death itself I hope that soon they drive a stake in the heart of the Baycity Bogus Bloodsucker, one of the most deceitful newspapers ever to dribble ink.

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