My Tired Eyes

Got an eye exam today.  First in probably five years.  I noticed my eyes were having some difficulty focusing on the computer screen, and seeing distant targets clearly.  I didn’t thnk my sight had deteriorated all that much, but as soon as I was in front of the chart, and could see all the way to the bottom on the left eye, and only down three lines on the right, I knew it going to mean a new prescription.

I’m anxious to see how this affects my shooting.  I don’t have too much difficulty with indoor or air gun Silhouette animals, which max out at 25 yards, but a military SR target out at 200 yards looks pretty fuzzy to me.  I prefer a six o’clock hold on those, and it’s too fuzzy for me to make out whether I’m lollypoping the target properly, or whether I’m a bit under it.  The fuzz kinds of runs together.  Hopefully the new prescription will help me with that.

Other than that, the eyes are fine.  I had one imperfection in my eye lens that they say is congential, and isn’t big enough to affect my vision.  Blood pressure was a little high (don’t ask me why optometrists take blood pressure), but I have white coat hypertension, so that wasn’t a surprise to me.  Put me in any clinical setting and I exhibit pretty severe anxiety.  My resting pulse rate is 60-70 bpm.  The machine read my pulse rate at 120 bpm.  I don’t like doctors offices.  The dentist is even worse.  Good thing they don’t take blood pressure.

3 thoughts on “My Tired Eyes”

  1. They take blood pressure in the optometrist’s office because high blood pressure affects the fluids inside your eyeball.

  2. Tell me about it! I need a new glasses prescription too and skipped today’s CMP match since the front post is a useless blur as much as the downrange targets. I shot a suck 412 at last Practice, and my wife and I both have the white-coat anomaly effect – but I’m ok with the Dentist we have.

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