Site Chosen for 2012 Olympic Shooting

Looks like they are choosing the Woolwich as the venue for the shooting events for the 2012 London Olympics.  I have to wonder if a big reason choosing Woolwich is that its status as a military facility made dealing with UK law in regards to small arms easier, and avoided problems for the politicians.  The National Rifle Association of the UK had pushed hard for the shooting games to be hosted at Bisley, in Surry, and the British Army previously didn’t want the games held at Woolwich, so I’m guessing they relented.

No doubt there are many disappointed shooting enthusiasts over this decision.

UPDATE: No doubt taxpayers in the UK should also be disappointed, as Bisley’s bid was 10 million pounds cheaper than Woolwich’s.

3 thoughts on “Site Chosen for 2012 Olympic Shooting”

  1. I’m not surprised… Having shot a Bisley, it REALLY needs work, but with the Brits anti-gun stance, I personally believe the move to have it at Woolwich, which will be both temporary and limit infrastructure improvements for British shooters, was a goal of the government. It’s sad, as Bisley is a historic shooting site and former Olympic shooting site from the early 20th century.

  2. It’s sad that a government would do something like that just to try to eliminate the shooting sports through neglect. Bill Clinton tried to do the same thing when he defunded the CMP.

  3. Sebastian – While there is a County S-u-r-r-e-y in the in the South East of England, it should not to be confused with Surry, which is the name of several locales in the USA and elsewhere.

    Anyway, since it would appear that hoplophobia still runs very much so amok all throughout the UK, I reckon that this might just put the Britons at a somewhat competitive disadvantage in the 2012 Olympic sports shooting events, that is, if it hasn’t already.

    After all, wasn’t it true, if not still now, that for legal reasons, the UK’s competitive pistol shooters have had to train outside of the UK, in nations such as Switzerland, each and every time they wished to actually target shoot with their match-grade pistols?

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