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I got my eyes checked a few weeks ago.  Turns out my eyes have gotten a little bit worse.  Last pair of frames I got from Lenscrafters.  This time I decided to go with the optometrist’s optical shop.  Took ten days for the new frames and lenses to arrive.  A few hours after putting them on I realized that I wasn’t seeing right.  The left eye is crystal clear, but the right eye is still fuzzy.  The sunglasses I got for the old frames are better, but I still don’t see 20/20 with them.  I called back the optometrist and told them I think something is wrong with my prescription, and they gave me the expected “It might take a week to get used to the new prescription” mantra.  Adjusting to a stronger prescription I can understand, but I should see clearly from the get go.

So I stuck with it until last night at Silhouette, when I realized the animals were all completely fuzzed out, even compared to my old lenses.  I didn’t really notice how bad it was until I was looking down at the animals.  Called up the optometrist again today, and told them I still couldn’t see straight.  They scheduled me to come back next Thursday.  Meanwhile I have to shoot a match Sunday.

So screw it.  I took the sunglasses lenses out of my old frames and put my old lenses back in.  If I had gone to Lenscrafters, I’d have been able to work all this out in a few hours.  It’s going to be weeks before I’m seeing properly again, and considering I’m already out close to 400 dollars, I’m not exactly happy.

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  1. Go to for your glasses. They start at ~$9 a pair! All you need is your script. Make sure to get your pupil distance from the optometrist. I’ve been wearing a pair I got over a year ago with no problems. They were so cheap I got a pair of prescription sunglasses in the same style.

    I don’t work for the company, nor receive any proceeds, spiffs, or residuals. I’m just sick of the racket that’s been going on for years. $400 a pair? How much does a decent scope go for? Tell me the technologies aren’t similar.

  2. Quality optics are expensive. It wasn’t just the glasses. It’s also the frames, the checkup, and the extra pair of sunglass lenses that drove the price up.

  3. Ah. Checkups can be expensive. And really, they should make all this right for you.

    Still, I don’t see why decent frames and lenses have to cost hundreds of dollars.

  4. The last pair of sun-glasses I had made, with my prescription in place, did somethign unusual, I never encountered before. Maybe they were cheap (but costly) frames – but thet torqued themselves into a more “open” position and wouldn’t sit on my face correctly.
    The lens shape forced open the nose bridge area, and they slid down farther than as-tested. I could only get focus if I pushed them up and held them with my finger, because they would slide right back down and out of focus. It was weird and they measured and said Ok we’ll get these fixed – and when I went back, same problem! They had to do a do-over twice! On their dime. Finally we agreed to switch frames to a style that we already knew worked without that complication.
    They need to make it right – there’s no “getting used” to it, it’s not supposed to work that way at all.

  5. Don’t worry, be happy. Soon Obammy’s rationed health care will kick in and you will get your nanny state issued glasses for free. Unfortunately since Coke quit selling glass bottles, lenses are in short supply. But “not to worry”. Obammy has contracted with the chicoms to supply new lenses for all of Amerika. Unfortunately the “cap and trade” system has closed off air and sea routes as too expensive. But “not to worry”. Our new partner in government and regulation, the EU/USSR has agreed to build a bridge across the bearing straits to facilitate trade between the “east” and “west”. Unfortunately with the vast number of “endangered” creatures on the land, sea and air near the U.S. terminus of the bering strait, it could take up to 100 years before the bridge is built. IOW, learn to squint.

  6. I had the exact opposite problem with the LensCrafters in Camp Hill. I couldn’t see well from my right lens, they took a look at the lens and the script and said everything is correct. I took the lenses to my optometrist, who said the lens was 1/2 a power too weak. She normally has a really good relationship with this LensCrafters but they wouldn’t give her the time of day and got a bit nasty with her.

    Then she showed my lenses to the private optician who shares her building and they showed me how the point of focus was all out of whack and not in front of my pupil. They replaced my lenses (on my optometrist’s dime, even though it wasn’t her fault) and now they’re perfect!

    Since they didn’t stand behind their product and treated my optometrist so badly, I’ll never go to LensCrafters again, and caution others not to as well.

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