Busy Weekend

Too much to do this weekend.  There’s a high-power match at the club tomorrow, so I had to pull the Garand and the AR out of mothballs.  I haven’t shot anything more than .22LR since May, and it showed in my shooting.  On the bench I was pleased with how my Garand loads shot.  Nice groups.  Same with my 6.8SPC load that I never got around to testing.  I’m going to shoot the 6.8 tomorrow, largely because it’s one caliber I have enough cartridges already loaded that I don’t have to spend all night loading up .223 rounnds.

On top of that, I also have to get my new workstation, which I will also use to run the blog, prepped and ready.  X-Plane is working fine.  I copied over MythTV from the old box, but still have to make that work.  Then after I’m confident the system is good, transfer all the blogs and web sites I’m hosting for various people over to the new system.

Tomorrow afternoon we have a Philly blogger meet, at 1PM.  It’s going to be cutting to close with my match.  Hopefully we’ll have everything wrapped up by noon.  If not, Bitter will have to head over there on her own, and I’ll join up when I’m finished with the match.

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  1. Tell me more about your 6.8 SPC experience. Me and a bunch of friends are considering moving to 6.8 but we’re not sure if it’s worthwhile right now. He shoots a lot of 5.56, I shoot a lot of 7.62×39.

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