Holy Crap!

The owner was considering a load of 275 – 325 grains of blackpowder firing 3500 grains of lead.

6 Responses to “Holy Crap!”

  1. Raspberrysurprise says:

    It begs the question, what caliber for APC?

  2. Matt says:

    Looks like a fortress gun. They built some absolutely huge defensive guns back in the Middle Ages and mounted them on swivels. But hey, it stuffs from the front so no restrictions on bore diameter! Screw 50 calibers, here’s my 120 caliber!

    It does look quite pretty though. Brown wood, black bruise, it’s all the same.

  3. Nomen Nescio says:

    i am NOT touching that one off. no way, nohow, unless maybe it’s got a tripod mount not shown in those photos.

  4. Weer'd Beard says:

    Just did a conversion. 3500 Grains is a half-pound of lead!


  5. Blackwing1 says:

    Well, since the definition for shotgun gauges is, “How many round balls that fit the bore make up one pound”, it only makes sense that a “2-bore” will be shooting a half-pound ball. 3500 grains = 8 ounces = 1/2 pound.

    Can a shoulder actually take that kind of impulse? I think I’d want to be in the next county when somebody lights that thing off.

  6. TangoSix says:

    Are you all sure this is not a “punt gun” (i.e., one of the huge 19th century shotguns that were laid across the bow of a small boat to kill large numbers of waterfowl for the commercial market).

    I have heard of black powder 4-bores used for elephant in the era before high velocity smokless rounds: working on the theory that greater weight/mass resulted in more knockdown power(actually more than a theory as it seems to work every time). They caused headaches, nosebleads and broken shoulders, then you had to fire it.

    The punt gun idea, of course, does not explain the (linked photos) 2-bore cartridge with it’s half-pound bronze solid – unless there were some pretty big ducks in yesteryear.