Thanks to Pennsylvania Dems

I wish to extend my thanks to the following members of Pennsylvania’s Democratic Congressional Delegation who signed on to the Letter to Eric Holder:

  • Tim Holden (PA-17) Dauphin, Lebanon, Schuylkill, Parts of Berks and Perry.
  • Paul Kanjorski (PA-11) Carbon, Columbia, Monroe, Lackawanna, Luzerne
  • John Murtha (PA-12) Greene County, Parts of nearly half the southwest.
  • Christopher Carney (PA-10) Wayne, Pike, Susquehanna, Bradford, Sullivan, etc
  • Jason Altmire (PA-04) Allegheny County, Beaver, Butler, parts of others.

Notable Democrats from Pennsylvania who did not sign the letter:

  • Robert Brady (PA-01) (Philadelphia)
  • Chaka Fattah (PA-02) (Philadelphia)
  • Joe Sestak (PA-07) Delaware Co. Chester County (Part)
  • Patrick Murphy (PA-08) Bucks County, Philadelphia (Part)
  • Allyson Schwartz (PA-13) Montgomery County, Philadelphia (Part)
  • Kathleen A. Dahlkemper (PA-3) Erie County, Parts of Surrounding counties
  • Michael F Doyle (PA-14) Allegeny County (Pittsburgh)

The former deserve our thanks, and support.  The latter need to be targeted in 2010, and should get letters asking them why they didn’t sign the letter.  I have Pat Murphy covered.  Bitter’s got Schwartz.  We have a few other ambitious EVCs out there looking at defeating some other ones.  Now all we need is an army of volunteers.

11 thoughts on “Thanks to Pennsylvania Dems”

  1. I think for Schwartz, I might also need a credible candidate, too. So if you have any lying around, I’ll take those in addition to the volunteers. :)

  2. Altmire is my representative. I agree that he deserves thanks for signing on to this letter, but he is also a sponsor of the Employee Forced Unionization Act. If he continues to support this economic train wreck, he needs to be targeted for defeat, regardless of his positions on gun rights.

    The right to armed self-defense is critical, but it isn’t the only issue critical to our nation’s future.

  3. I hear ya Achilles. There’s a lot I don’t like about Altmire’s politics either, but I’m not a Democrat. I am, however, a single issue activist, even if I’m not a single issue voter, and I’m willing to throw kudos to Dems who vote well on guns.

  4. Fattah and Brady are scumbags, but they will never be unseated because they “represent” Philadelphia. It’s a damned shame.

  5. Sebastian et al,

    Sorry, but I believe Murtha’s time is up and has to go. His signing this letter is IMHO nothing more than political pandering to the gun crowd. There’s more to a legislator than their RKBA stance, and he’s been very much opposed to some of the other basic principles that those of us who believe in the RKBA hold dear, i.e. limited government, lower taxes, personal responsibility, etc. Contrary to your statement, I don’t believe anyone in his district who believes in such principles should support his re-election simply because he signed this letter.

  6. ChamberedRound:

    Like I said, I’m a single issue activist, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t vote against John Murtha in a heartbeat, but when he’s right, I’m willing to give him credit.

  7. Hi all. New reader here. Sestak is in my district. It would be my pleasure question him on this.

  8. Quote from Sebastian:
    “Like I said, I’m a single issue activist, that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t vote against John Murtha in a heartbeat, but when he’s right, I’m willing to give him credit.”

    A fair point, and I’m glad he signed such a letter, the more the merrier. I just wonder if he really believes in the content of the letter he signed, or if he’s just using it as a political tool. In other words, if the chips were down and the AWB was on the floor, would he really vote against it?

    1. Take a minute to do your research and you’ll know. Murtha voted against it the first time around – bucking the Democratic President & House Leadership.

      You may not like him for his other positions, but don’t let assumptions caused by that get in the way of the facts. On guns, Murtha is solid.

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