Looking for Ideas for Grassroots Organization

Bitter is looking for ideas as we’re looking to get some organization together in southeastern, PA just in time for the elections.  The problem with southeastern PA is that no one is doing anything.  We have gun owners here, but unlike the guys out west, who have their s%$t together, we don’t have a game plan.  Head over to Bitter’s an offer some suggestions.

Bitter has been going through and looking to find all the gun clubs and shooting ranges in my county, and the number is astounding.  There’s just no way that a guy like Pat Murphy should be able to win here.  In fact, he did not win in Bucks County, he won by virtue of the fact that Pennsylvania’s 8th congressional district contains parts of Montgomery County and Philadelphia, which voted overwhelmingly for Murphy.

Patrick Murphy decided to sign on to a ban on many common semi-automatic firearms, and I have decided to organize the gun vote in Bucks county to defeat him.  I will not stop until every gun owner in this county knows what HR1022 would do, and that their congressman favors it.  In the intelligence community, this kind of reaction is known as blowback, but I think it works in politics too.

One thought on “Looking for Ideas for Grassroots Organization”

  1. We have a serious problem with the lead-ban issue.
    It’s totally bogus and thoroughly unscientific to a fraudulent level, yet they managed to foist it on us AND it includes the .22LR – the rifle of every 10/22 and kid’s gun ever made.
    Nip THAT in the bud.

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